Martian Iliad

In 2010, the ray Bradbury lamentedthat humanity chose the conquest of space consumption: iPhones, soap operas and costumes for dogs.

Some will say that at the time of the interview the writer was already in that age where people just tend to grumble: the neighbors on the porch, “chemistry” food, youth and age. Legendary science fiction writer, however, echoed by many: the Washington Post accuses NASA of a lack of ambition, inefficiency, and lack of progress, journal of the Air & Space believesthat compared to the sixties space Agency has forgotten how to take risks and innovators have turned into bureaucrats.

The development of manned cosmonautics like really slowed down and sometimes completely rolled back. “Roscosmos” beyond the orbit of people does not start. The Americans did all start at the beginning: with the recent launch of the Crew Dragon to ISS, they just returned to where it was 60 years ago. It is now going to the moon, but Armstrong and Aldrin were there half a century ago, what kind of progress do we?

Trade Walt Disney

In the late 40-ies of XX century, Werner von Braun described a manned flight to Mars and suggested that the technical concept of the ship in the book Das Marsprojekt. I must say that in that era, long before the first Sputnik, the idea of space flight was perceived by society, rather like science fiction. In 1952 von Braun in collaboration with the editors of Collier’s magazine publishes a series of materials on the topic of space research. In the section of questions and answers the key was “is it Really possible interplanetary travel?”. There was also published a series of colorful illustrations: the fleet of giant ships in the background of the red planet and the people on its surface. Shortly thereafter, von Braun advises the organizer of the thematic exhibition “the Country of the future” in Disneyland in the middle of the Park establish a model rocket. The father of the American lunar program promotes.

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