Mechanics explained the unreliability of the scaffolding during the construction of the octagonal domes

Italian and American mechanics explained how the Italian architect of the XVI century were able to build a large octagonal dome without using scaffolding and supports. The computer modeling structure of masonry such domes, scientists have shown that due to the mechanical resistance of horizontal elements of the dome collapses during construction, and he maintains his form. The results interesting for the development of construction techniques using robots, write scientists in Engineering Structures.

One of the most impressive examples of architecture of the XV century — the eight-section of the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. A distinctive feature Filippo Brunelleschi built the dome that had built it without scaffolding. For project implementation the architect used the technology of masonry herringbone — technique, which is used in the construction of domes in Ancient Rome.

The bricks in this masonry, the tree is divided into two groups: part of the bricks deployed vertically and lined along loxodrom (oblique lines on the curved surface of the dome), and the space between them is filled with the usual horizontal clutch. In the dome of the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore these slanted lines of vertical bricks overlap, adding to the diamonds. This structure is of masonry leads to the balancing of the whole structure and allows you to build a dome without using scaffolding.

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