Men smelled of excited women smell

Scientists from the UK and USA with a few experiments found out that the sweat Horny women for men more attractive than the sweat secreted in a relaxed, neutral state. In addition, the sweat of the excited women have also increased the attractiveness of women in photographs in the eyes of men, and their subjective feeling of arousal. The human sense of smell, thus, in fact, can be considered a communication system which transmits the necessary for reproductive success signals, write the scientists in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour.

Despite the fact that the smell is not the most important way of communication for a person to transmit information it uses. First and foremost, the smell serves as a signal informing about human health and the quality of his personal hygiene, but can transmit other information. For example, the state of fear leads to increased sweating, which can be felt by others: by the smell, so people can recognize some emotions.

Thus animals, who use smell as one of the main ways of communication, with smell pass key for their survival information — about the readiness to mate. In a very simplified form such communication, there are people: men, for example, on a smell define for themselves more and less attractive women, so the smell (primarily we are talking about a natural smell) may influence female reproductive success.

It remains unclear, however, whether men smell to determine the conditional willingness of women to the sexual contact — in other words, to smell the excitement. To answer this question I decided Wisman Arno (Arnaud Wisman) of the University of Kent and Shrira Ilan (Ilan Shrira) from the University of Pennsylvania. They asked 11 women to provide samples of sweat in two conditions: talking about watching a documentary about the construction of the bridge and a few scenes from the erotic film “Nine songs.” All participants were asked to refrain from Smoking, consumption of alcohol and spicy food for 48 hours prior to the experiment, and also wipe your armpits with a damp cloth odorless prior to collection of the sample with attached cotton pad. In addition, the samples of sweat also collected during physical activity: participants were asked for three minutes to pedal the bike. The excitement of women during sampling were also evaluated using special questionnaires.

In the first experiment involved 24 heterosexual men. Each of them has provided odour samples of women in the excited and unexcited state (that women while viewing erotic movies was more excited, confirmed by the results of the survey). Despite the fact that men felt one and the other equally strong smell, the smell of excited women they considered more attractive (p = 0.01).

The second experiment involved 32 heterosexual men, and fragrance samples gave six women. The task was exactly the same as in the previous experiment, but with one exception: after olfactory samples men needed to subjectively assess their own sexual arousal. Scientists first managed to reproduce the results of the previous experiment (the participants also felt the smell of women when viewing the erotic video even more attractive), and secondly, they showed that in response to the smell of Horny men are excited stronger than in response to conventional odor (p = 0.008).

Finally, in the third experiment (35 participants-men and seven women who provided samples of sweat), scientists looked at how smell affects the desire of men to have sexual intercourse in comparison with other signals. Unlike the previous two experiments, the third, the researchers used not only scenes from the movie “Nine songs”, but also clippings from the book “50 shades of grey”, short clips from the movie “magic Mike” and erotic pictures of dataset for assessing emotional reactions in behavioral experiments. All stimuli were equally effective to excite women.

Men, in turn, after the olfactory test showed pictures of different women, including — “frankly dressed” and “sitting in candid poses”. Participants subjectively more attracted to pictures of such women, and this figure was significantly (p = 0.027) higher after olfactory samples with the smell of excited women.

The authors concluded that women’s sweat can actually transmit a signal of sexual arousal for men and, in turn, to change their behavioral response: to cause the initiation and evaluation of attractiveness. The sense of smell, thus, may in fact be another system to signal reproductive readiness. The fact that men are sensitive to the smell of excited women, according to scientists, is not surprising: the evolutionary males are more concerned with regulation of their own reproductive success.

For the initial recognition of odours in the human brain are controlled by a small steam room structure — the olfactory bulb. Their absence usually leads to anosmia, but last year scientists found some patients who can smell and without olfactory bulbs: they were all women, and most of them left — handed. More about why people use the sense of smell, you can read in our article “the Human spirit”.

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