Military helicopters will learn collaborative flight with drones

The European defense Agency has announced a tender for the development of technology that will allow manned helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles to carry out joint flights together to solve various problems. As writes Flightglobal, the development of new technologies need to be implemented the concept of MUM-T (Manned-UnManned Teaming, interaction “man-machine”).

The concept of MUM-T with respect to helicopters suggests that the crews of manned helicopters in flight will be able to control unmanned aerial vehicles. It is not just about intelligence sharing but control over the apparatus at all stages of flight, including takeoff and landing.

In addition, the MUM-T suggests that drones can operate in fully automatic mode, performing certain tasks in tandem with a manned helicopter. Finally, the helicopter crews will be able to interact with unmanned vehicles on the level of a simple formulation of the problem, solutions to which drones will have to have to look for yourself.

In the framework of the tender announced by the European defence Agency, the participating companies will also have to create a system that will allow you to translate a manned helicopter to unmanned mode. For research funding the European Union intends to send no more than 22 million euros.

According to military requirements, the new system developed in the framework of the tender for testing must be installed on existing UAVs and manned helicopters. The system should be platform independent, that is suitable for installation on helicopters of any type.

At the end of 2018, European consortium Airbus Helicopters and the Austrian company Schiebel has conducted joint testing of the system, allowing the pilot or Navigator of the helicopter to receive intelligence data from unmanned aerial vehicles and control their flight.

The tests were conducted using a manned multipurpose helicopter H145 and unmanned helicopter Camcopter S-100. During the test the operator on Board the helicopter using the UAV made a tour of inspection of the object located in the inaccessible for the helicopter area.

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