Military spaceplane X-37B was sent into orbit for the sixth time

Experimental spaceplane X-37B Boeing for the sixth time and went into orbit within the mission of USSF-7 the U.S. air force. The apparatus was launched from Cape Canaveral on launch vehicle Atlas V at 16:14 Moscow time, live broadcasting was held on the YouTube channel of the Boeing company.

Experimental unmanned orbital plane X-37B was developed by Boeing in cooperation with NASA since 1999 in the interests of the United States air force. First spaceplane launched into orbit in April 2010, after which he ran four more times. Officially, the purpose of any mission involving the X-37B were not disclosed, but it is expectedthat they will be used for exploration.

In the last, the fifth time the X-37B launched into orbit in 2017, using the Falcon 9 rocket: the company won a tender held by United Launch Allience whose disposable Atlas V rocket launched spaceplane the first four times. The space plane was in orbit for 780 days, beating his own record of stay in space and returned to Earth in October last year.

A new, sixth run also produces Atlas V. according to the description of the mission on the website of United Launch Allience, also planned the installation in orbit of a small satellite FalconSat-8, which deals with the development Academy of the U.S. air force. In addition, the mission will collect data for several NASA experiments on effects of radiation on seeds and experiment the naval research laboratory, USA the conversion of solar energy into microwave. How many days will guide the spaceplane in orbit at this time has not yet reported.

This summer, the Atlas V will be used in the framework of the mission “Mars-2020”: in late July – early August, a rocket will leave the Rover “Perseverance”.

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