Military will receive the first C-500 in 2021

Then military will receive the first anti-aircraft missile systems s-500 “Prometheus” in 2021. About it as reports RIA Novosti, said Deputy defense Minister of Alexei Krivoruchko. According to him, currently the system is undergoing preliminary testing at the site.

The s-500 is being developed since the beginning of 2010-ies to intercept aerodynamic targets and ballistic missiles, medium-range and Intercontinental carriers and their warheads. The complex will be able to intercept air targets flying at speeds of up to seven thousand meters per second.

Range anti-aircraft missiles s-500 will be about 600 kilometers. The complex can simultaneously fire up to ten ballistic targets, as well as combat units hypersonic cruise missiles.

S-500 is planned to be integrated into a single network with the already standing armed complexes WITH 300ВМ4 “Antey-2500” and With-400 “Triumph” and future s-350 “Vityaz”.

According to Krivoruchko, in 2021, the military also plan to enter into a contract for the purchase of complexes With-500. Under this contract, delivery of the first systems in troops will begin in 2025. Earlier it was reportedthat the s-500 in 2019 has successfully passed military tests.

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