Mobile Internet has overtaken Wi-Fi in 33 countries

Company OpenSignal conducted a study on the speed of data transfer via mobile network and Wi-Fi in 80 countries. In 33 of them downloading data over the mobile network is faster than wifi, but in our country mobile Internet speed is below approximately two times, according to the report, published on the website of the company.

For many years, a Wi-Fi network provided a much higher quality Internet access than mobile network standards 2G, 3G and 4G. For example, they had a more stable signal and faster response times, greater throughput, higher speed of data transmission in both directions. Because of this, until now, most smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices consider a Wi-Fi network as a higher priority and in the presence of both types of networks transmit data through Wi-Fi.

British company OpenSignal, which specializiruetsya on the analysis of wireless connections, found that today this behavior of the devices often do not correspond to the real possibilities of data networks. She conducted a study on the speed of downloading data in 80 countries by using mobile applications for Android and iOS. Data for the study were collected over a period of three months with the help of almost 7.8 million unique devices.

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