Mobile operator AT&T “upgraded” 4G to 5G replacement icon on the screen

American mobile operator AT&T to complete the transition to the 5G network decided to rename its existing 4G network LTE “5G E” and has released an update that replaces the standard icon on the screen for some users, writes Ars Technica.

It is anticipated that the 5G network will support much more than networks of the previous generations, the data transfer rate and greater number of connected to the base station devices. Final specifications of the standard have not yet been approved, but it is planned that 5G network will use two main frequencies from 600 megahertz to 6 gigahertz, used existing 4G networks, and from 24 to 86 GHz. The greatest increase in speed and other characteristics of data transmission associated with the second range, which is also called mmWave, as the transfer will be done using a millimeter radio waves.

AT&T in early January, officially renamed its 4G LTE network in the “5G Evolution”, stating that this will be called part of the network that supports LTE-Advanced: carrier aggregation (“Association carrier”), 4×4 MIMO and 256 QAM. A true 5G network which the company has not yet, will be called “5G+”. Part of smartphones on the Android operating system connected to the operator, are already showing the icon 5G E instead of the usual 4G LTE. While Ars Technica notes that the first LTE-Advanced launched from another operator, T-Mobile, in 2016, and now they have other major competitors, Sprint and Verizon, and none of the companies did not rename the network.

The Washington Post notesthat Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon criticized and ridiculed the decision by AT&T. In particular, Verizon has published the “open letter” in key American Newspapers saying that “when we talk about 5G, we mean a 5G”.

All you need to know about the 5G communication standard, you can read in our material high-five.

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