Model of the freighter “Elephant” was the first of the purge trials

Specialists suburban Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Zhukovsky conducted the first cycle of aerodynamic model tests of promising heavy transport aircraft, “Jumbo”, developed as a replacement for aging Soviet cargo aircraft An-124 “Ruslan”. According to the message of the Institute, tests have confirmed the design characteristics of the aircraft, some still in the design phase.

Design of transport aircraft “Elephant” is on the order of the Ministry of industry and trade of from 2016. The project involves the creation of an aircraft of the high wing scheme with the possibility of loading through the bow. The Transporter can carry loads up to 150 tons at a distance of up to 7 thousand kilometers. The cruising speed of the “Elephant” is 850 kilometers per hour. Carrying capacity of the aircraft will be 180 tons. The four-engined freighter will fail: it will be equipped with new turbofan engines PD-35 takeoff thrust 343,2 kN.

The length of the “Elephant” will be 82,3 meters height — 24 meters, and the wingspan is from to 88,3 87,1 meters depending on the version. Maximum takeoff weight promising Transporter range from 490 to 499 tons and empty weight — 214 or 222 tons. The basic version of the Transporter is being developed under the requirements of the carrier “Volga-Dnepr”.

The first scale model of the “Elephant” TSAGI specialists gathered at the end of last year. This model has a length of 1.63 m in height — about 0.5 meters, and a wingspan of 1.75 metres. The main part of the model is made of aluminum alloy and heavy duty elements made of construction steels. The mass of the model is 120 pounds. This model was made in a configuration without tail. The first stage of aerodynamic tests were conducted on the model with the tail.

The inspections were conducted in a wind tunnel variable density T-106 at the air velocity from 0.2 up to 0.85 Mach. During research experts have determined the dependence of aerodynamic characteristics of the model from the angle of attack and Mach number, and also analyzed the influence of the elements of the model on its aerodynamic drag. In addition, experts examined the characteristics of longitudinal stability and the effectiveness of the elevators.

Transport aircraft an-124 was developed in the USSR in 1970-ies. It has a length of 69.1 per meter, at a height of 21 meters and a wingspan of 73.3 meters. The aircraft is equipped with four D-18T engines takeoff thrust 229,9 kN. Freighter designed to carry cargo weighing up to 120 tons. Its flight range is up to 7.5 thousand kilometers at a speed of 850 kilometers per hour. Currently in our country are in operation in 36 of these aircraft: 16 An-124 owned by ATT, 12 — airline “Volga-Dnepr” and 8 — 224-th flight unit.

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