More than a third hospitalized with COVID-19 in the U.S. were younger than 54 years

Although deaths from novel coronavirus infection is much higher in the age group 65+, about 40 percent are hospitalized are younger than 54 years, according to the Center for control and prevention of disease States. It’s a reminder that taking precautions is not only the elderly.

Coronavirus infection is actively distributed in almost all countries. The number of cases is increasing almost everywhere, except China — which is probably already passed the peak of the epidemic, thanks to strict quarantine. But if China is the first case of infection was recorded in December 2019, the United States already in January 2020.

Therefore, the Centre for control and prevention morbidity only on 19 March presented the first detailed report on the number of infected, hospitalized and dead Americans. At the time of writing (16 March) in the US there were 4226 confirmed cases COVID-19 (by 20 March, this figure rose to 14250). Age 2449 of them was known.

Of these people 2449 6 percent were age 85 years and older, 25 percent from 65 to 84 years, 18% were 55-64 and
45-54 years. 29 per cent of cases was in the age group 20-44 years, and only 5 per cent were children and adolescents (0 to 19).

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