NASA announced a competition for the creation of the lunar toilet

Space Agency NASA announced on the competition to build the toilet for a future lunar mission “Artemis”. To participate in this can people of any age and from any country. Among the technical requirements of the invention, the weight is not more than 15 kg on the Earth, and the energy consumption of no more than 70 Watts.

In 2024, in the framework of Artemis, NASA plans to send to the moon two astronauts, a man and a woman who will become the first woman ever landed on the moon. They will live in the habitat, the design of which develop Blue Origin, Dynetics and SpaceX, and will face many challenges, including domestic, and so the space Agency is finding the most successful solutions that will help to make the lives of astronauts more comfortable.

Lunar Loo Challenge — HeroX competition and NASA to develop a space toilet for the program “Artemis”. It will be installed on the lander that can descend from orbit, and thus have to operate in microgravity and on the moon, where gravity is about six times weaker than the earth. In addition, it needs to deal with different waste types, including those with vomiting (and the projects that will offer a solution that does not require the astronaut to put your head down the toilet, will be credited bonus points), products of hygiene, to sustain an average of 6 uses per day and be easy to clean. Also NASA has and technical requirements — for example, the toilet must not weigh more than 15 kgs (on the Ground), consume less than 70 Watts of electricity, to take a volume of no more than 0.12 cubic metres and cater for both men and women.

The main prize in the competition is 20 thousand dollars. Also, the winners will be invited to discuss your project with engineers from NASA and possibly members of the future mission, and also enjoy a private tour of the Space center Lyndon B. Johnson. In addition, the contest can participate and adolescents aged to 18 years: as a prize, they will receive a certificate, accessories with the logo of NASA, and possibly other rewards. Applications for participation are accepted till 17 Aug 2020.

Recently, NASA presented the detailed design of the spacecraft Lunar Flashlight, which will be sent to the moon in the first phase of the program “Artemis”. It will search for deposits of ice that future missions can use as fuel.

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