NASA instructed the Rover sending VIPER to the moon company Astrobotic Technology

NASA has selected Astrobotic Technology to send a Rover to the moon VIPER. As reported on the Agency’s website, the company will receive 199,5 million dollars and will be responsible for the launch and landing of the Rover to the satellite. Camera plan to send to the moon in late 2022: VIPER will search waters near the South pole.

In October of last year NASA announced plans to send to the moon Rover VIPER, whose main task is to evaluate the amount of water near the South pole. A standalone device the size of a small car will be equipped with several scientific instruments: a drill, a neutron spectrometer, a mass spectrometer and spectrometer near-infrared range. VIPER plans to launch a satellite in late 2022, and the expected time is 100 days.

Company Astrobotic Technology was awarded a contract for the delivery of the Rover from NASA in the framework of CLPS (Commercial Lunar Payload Services), which aims to develop private lunar space: Astrobotic Technology will be responsible for sending the Rover from Earth and landing on the moon. Before send yourself a VIPER, the moon also plans to deliver pre-tests for individual instruments — also in private missions that are scheduled for 2021 and 2022 beginning.

Only in the framework of CLPS money to deliver cargo to the moon received three companies. In addition to Astrobotic Technology, which will take a VIPER, a contract was also awarded to the company Intuitive Machines: she recently chose a place for landing, Nova-C, a mission scheduled for next year. The third company, Orbit the Beyond, from the received contract refused.

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