NASA was allowed to re-use a Crew Dragon to deliver people to the ISS

NASA has made changes in prisoner with SpaceX a contract to launch the Falcon 9 spacecraft Dragon Crew and people on Board. According to changesmade to the contract, flight testing and Crew Dragon, the programme Demo-2 extended from 14 to 119 days. The company SpaceX got permission to reuse the first stage booster of the Falcon 9 and kosmicheskiy ship Crew Dragon to deliver people to the International space station.

Crew Dragon was first used by SpaceX to deliver people to the International space station on 30 may 2020. It was the first manned flight of a private spacecraft in history and the first since 2011, American manned space flight. The crew of this test mission included astronauts Douglas Hurley and Bob Behnken. The spacecraft Crew Dragon with people on Board successfully docked to the ISS on 31 may. The docking was performed in a fully automatic mode.

The development of the Crew Dragon conducted since the mid-2000s, and in 2014 the program was supported by NASA. The spacecraft is capable of carrying four people and to carry out on the ISS for up to 200 days. The device is equipped with 16 power plants Draco for maneuvering and 8 SuperDraco engines as part of a system of emergency rescue crew. As expected, in the fall of 2020 to begin trials of a cargo version of the Crew Dragon is designed to carry up to six tons of cargo.

In 2019, took place the first demonstration flight (Demo-1) Crew Dragon, during which the ship successfully docked to the International space station, and then returned to Earth.

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