Netpowersoft replaced the optical scheme of cooling the atoms

The magneto-optical trap on the basis of setpowermode was able to locate 10 million atoms and ohladit them up to 35 microkelvin. Chip metamaterialov developed by scientists, can replace a bulky and complex optical circuits to create magneto-optical traps. Work published in Science Advances.

Localization of atoms makes them a convenient tool for the creation of quantum sensors or calculations. That is why scientists love to build their traps. The most popular version of this trap — magneto-optical.

Magneto-optical traps are used for laser cooling and magneto-optical capture of groups of atoms. For cooling, the frequency of laser beams in the trap should be slightly “detuned” from the resonance absorption of an atom. The energy of the photons that are flying towards atom less than the atomic transition. Due to the effect of Doppler they build in resonance, absorbed and pereklokayutsia, but at the transition frequency. A slight difference in the frequency drains the kinetic energy from the system, and thus cools it. But the magnetic field of the coil helps direct the light to the atoms in the center of the trap and hold them there.

Scientists led by Li Guixin from the southern University of science and technology calculated and manufactured chip netpowersoft, which turns laser light from five beams (the sixth is obtained by passing the reflected beam from the mirror). These beams are directed in such a way to capture atoms along three axes. That is, instead of a large number of optical elements can be used in a single, compact chip. In addition, it is not necessary to separately configure each of the laser beams or use multiple lasers, which greatly facilitates the experiments on the capture of atoms. In addition, new netpowersoft allows to obtain circular polarization of the beams, which hold the atom in the trap.

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