Neurons striped body helped to shift attention between stimuli

The researchers showed that neurons bystrorezhuschej striped body play an important role in the switching of attention between stimuli and the selection of relevant signals. Some of the neurons of this type in an experiment with macaques the rhesus monkey activated when you change supported by incentives as part reacted to the appearance of distracting signals, to which a response was necessary to suppress. Article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Every second our senses receive information about the various incentives. Adaptive behavior is to not react to everything, and to highlight important at the moment of the event, skipping the rest. This feature is credited with the front of the striped body — it receives projections from various brain areas that are responsible for the selection of behavioral objectives and assessment of remuneration. However, exactly how neurons striped body process the information, enhance the activity of relevant stimuli and suppress unnecessary, clearly not up to the end.

Scientists from Canada and the United States under the leadership of Thilo Womelsdorf (Thilo Womelsdorf) from Vanderbilt University investigated the activity of neurons in the striped bodies of two rhesus monkeys in the next paradigm. On the screen before apes appeared two striped circle, one of which had the up arrow and the second one down. Either before or after the appearance of the arrows, the circles become colored (red and green). The color indicated what the circle is a call to action: if “active” was green and on the green circle arrow appeared, the monkey had to look up — for this she received a reward.

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