New-fish petopia was named in honor of the Christmas spirit of Krampus

In lake Malawi in Tanzania found another kind of cichlid. From the previously described closely related species it differs by the number of dentition, and an unusual way of hunting. The fish swims from the top to the females of other species of cichlids that are kept in the mouth the eggs or fry, them rams, those from strike’s mouth falls of the cubs, and cichlid-hunter gets them. For the eating of the offspring (pagophagia) is a kind called Protomelas krampus in honor of Krampus , the spirit, which, according to the Central European tradition, just before Christmas in a bag collects naughty children and then either eats them or throws into the sea. A study published in the European Journal of Taxonomy.

The family of Cichlidae fish (cichlids) is very diverse, and its representatives are found in warm freshwater around the world. Especially many species of cichlids in African lakes: Malawi (only there they can be anywhere from 800 to 1000), Tanganyika, Victoria and others. Most members of the family takes care of the offspring, some females hold the fertilized eggs and fry in mouth. This provides some protection from pagophagia — eating the offspring of other fish.

Not all cichlids have been described, and new species continue to be detected. One, from lake Malawi, described the Belgian ichthyologists Catherine Dierickx (Katrien Dierickx) from the Royal Museum for Central Africa and Snoeks Jos (Jos Snoeks) of the University of Leuven. First fish of this species caught in 1998, but a detailed analysis of their anatomy and morphology appeared only now. In addition, in recent years, managed to see some features of their behavior — specifically the acts of pagophagia.

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