Nissan unveiled an electric crossover Ariya with a 610-kilometer range

The company Nissan has presented the second model of electric car after the Leaf — crossover Ariya. According to the company, its rechargeable battery allows you to pass on one charge of over 610 miles. Machine will be sold in a single-engine version with front wheel drive and dvumernoi full. Sales Ariya will start in 2021 at a price of about 3.5 million rubles, and Nissan plans to sell electric car in our country.

Most attention to electric vehicles provide expensive and sophisticated models such as Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan. They demonstrate advanced technologies in the automotive industry, but sold in small quantities (compared to conventional petrol and diesel cars) and have little effect on the development of charging infrastructure, without which the shift to electric vehicles impossible. A much greater impact and are relatively inexpensive models, for example, the most popular electric car in the world Nissan Leaf, 500 thousand copies of which were sold in 2010.

Now Nissan has unveiled its second electric — Ariya. It’s not built on the basis of the Leaf, and the new electric platform of the Alliance Renault — Nissan — Mitsubishi, which will later be used in other models. In Ariya are two variants of the battery: with a capacity of 63 or 87 kilowatt. He works with chargers standard CCS and supports charging power up to 130 kW. Nissan did not disclose the charging time. Mileage on a single charge will range from 430 to 610 kilometers depending on version (cycle WLTP for Japan).

The crossover will be a front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions. The front drive uses a single electric motor with a capacity from 160 to 178 kW (depending on battery) and a torque of 300 Newton metres. The all-wheel drive will set the motor on each axle with a total power of from 250 to 290 kW and torque of 600 Newton metres. The older version can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.1 seconds, and the youngest spends for 7.5 seconds.

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