Northrop Grumman, defended the project of the replacement ballistic missile Minuteman-III

The American company Northrop Grumman have successfully defended the draft design of the new strategic ballistic missiles GBSD, which in the future will replace the aging Minuteman III. According to the message of the company, development of conceptual design of the missiles took three years. Now the project can move to stage development works.

Schematic design the first stage in the program of creation of any weapons and military equipment. In this step, you define the possible appearance of technology, the main functions that it will perform, possible weapons, the composition of the onboard systems and usage scenarios.

In August 2017 the American concern Boeing and Northrop Grumman received a three-year contract for the design of strategic ballistic missiles GBSD cost 349 and 329 million dollars, respectively.

In the middle of last year, Boeing released from the project, explaining their decision by dissatisfaction with the conditions of the tender for the development of new media, and Northrop Grumman was the sole developer of ballistic missiles.

In accordance with the requirements of the U.S. military, a new ballistic missile will need to use the head of Mk.12A and Mk.21, in which to place one or more nuclear warheads W78 and W87, respectively. Power W78 is 350 kilotons, and the W87 is 300 kilotons. These combat units are on the missiles Minuteman III. The new missile will be universal.

For new media will be upgraded mines missiles Minuteman-III and control systems. In control centers of the U.S. air force, under control of which are ballistic missiles, will replace the computer equipment. It is expected that after adopting the new media will be part of the nuclear triad of the United States at least until 2075.

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