Octopus found at a record depth of nearly seven thousand feet

The researchers found the octopuses of the genus Grimpoteuthis are at record depth in meters 6957. Previously it was thought that these invertebrates did not go down 5145 meters below sea level. The discovery, which is described in the article for the journal Marine Biology, was made in the survey of the Sunda trench in the Indian ocean.

Cephalopods (Cephalopoda) are not considered to be typical inhabitants of UltraISO depths from six to eleven thousand meters. According to photos obtained when the deep shots, they can penetrate only up to 5145 meters below sea level. It was at this depth in 1971 in the vicinity of the island of Barbados was photographed octopus family Cirroteuthidae. Cephalopods are caught occasionally when trawling water depth of about eight thousand meters, but such cases cannot be interpreted unequivocally, because animals can be in the networks during the rise of the trawl.

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