On lake Michigan there was “ice volcanoes”

On American lake
Mi noticed a rare phenomenon — “ice volcanoes”. Such structures are formed
with a suitable combination of weather conditions when moving under the icy crust
waves make their way through the cracks. “Ice volcanoes” have nothing to do
the cryovolcanism of some of the icy bodies of the Solar system and not for the first time are formed on
lake Michigan. The phenomenon reported in the Twitter branch of the National weather service in Grand rapids.

The density of ice lower than the density of water, so when a negative temperature it freezes on the surface of the pond.
However, if the water level fluctuates, for example, because of the constant excitement, then
layer of ice can numerate with non-uniform thickness. In particular, can occur
conical protrusions, partially hollow on the lower side.

In this case
the conditions for the emergence of “ice volcano” is intermittently thrown
through a small opening in the ice water. Scientists believe they are formed on
place cracked or conical elevations, which are always on the bottom
the bumps moving under the ice waves.

Only the researchers
allocate three basic conditions for the formation of “ice volcano”: a high wave (not
less than a meter), the emergence of a sufficiently thick ice cover, the temperature
air a few degrees below zero Celsius. Under these conditions, splash
the water quickly freezes and leads to further
growth of the volcano. Sometimes they can reach ten meters in height, but usually considerably

“Ice volcanoes” repeatedly
was observed at the shores of the Great lakes on the border of USA and Canada. In February 2020
they appeared on lake Michigan. Scientists remind us that to climb such
education dangerous, as they are hollow inside and can collapse under the weight
man, and to get out of the ice well can be very

Despite the name, “ice
volcanoes” are not relevant to the present cryovolcanism observed in
some bodies in the Solar system such as Europa and Enceladus. The only
case manifestations of this cryovolcanism on Earth is considerededucation
A 20-metre crater on the Yamal Peninsula in 2014.

A drastic change
temperature often causes unusual weather phenomena on large lakes.
Only in Michigan noticed a field of ice shards, reminiscent of boiling evaporation
when the temperature drops, the icing close to the edge of the houses and trees and
throwing ice balls on shore.

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