On the Antarctic station “peace” there was a fire

At then Antarctic station “Mirny” there was a fire. Completely burned one of the buildings where they lived in 11 out of 23 employees of the station. There were no injuries, said the message on the website of the Antarctic and Arctic research Institute (AARI).

Station “Mirnyi” was opened in 1956 and became the first Soviet Antarctic station. For a long time it was the main base of the national Antarctic expedition. Now in the Antarctic winter, so the stations are only a few dozen people wintering. In the summer season the population of the station grows to hundreds of people.

According to then Antarctic expedition, the fire began on 21 June at 20:40 on station time (16:40 Moscow time). The fire started in meteomarine building (House Radio). Despite attempts to extinguish the fire, House Radio
burned down completely. Burned meteomarine, office
aerology laboratory program stratospheric
sensing cosmic rays LPI, server,
the meteorological lab radio room.

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