On the MS-21 airliner spent prototyping a portion of the PD-14 engine

The specialists of the Irkut Corporation held a development charge of engines PD-14 prototype passenger liner MS-21-310. As reported by the state Corporation “rostec”, trial fitting of the power plant allowed to determine the structural elements of the engine and airframe that you want to modify. After completion of all modifications of the PD-14 engine will be permanently mounted on the aircraft for ground and flight tests.

Development of a turbofan engine PD-14 was conducted in 2008. This is the first new aircraft engine ofn design over the past 30 years. Powerplant designed specifically for the MS-21. In addition airliner more powerful version of PD-14 can be installed on the Tu-214 and Il-96. New turbofan twin-shaft engine capable of developing a thrust of up to 14 tons in takeoff mode.n customers of MS-21 will be supplied with the PD-14 engine modification MS-21-310, and the export manufacturer will offer a version of the aircraft with the American power plants PW1400G.

Serial production of PD-14 is being conducted from January 2020. Earlier it was reportedthat the first flight of MS-21-310 engines PD-14 will be held before the end of 2020.

MS-21 is created from the first half of 2000-ies. Depending on configuration, the liner will be able to carry from 150 to 210 passengers. Its flight range is estimated at six thousand kilometers, a flying speed of about 870 kilometers per hour. In-class ship was the widest fuselage. Its width is of 4.06 meters. Length MS-21 is 42.2 meters, a wing span of 35.9 meters and a height of 11.5 meters. Maximum takeoff weight of the liner is 79.3 tons at the maximum mass of payload is 22.6 tons.

MS-21 is the world’s first single-aisle passenger aircraft wing made of composite materials. The first flight of the newn plane took place in may 2017.

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