On the Rover “Perseverance” set of wheels and a parachute

The Rover “Perseverance” (Perseverance) future NASA mission “Mars-2020” received “combat” set of wheels and a parachute that will help the Rover to make a soft landing on Mars in February 2021, reported on the website of the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

Developed in the framework of the program “Mars 2020” Rover, named “Perseverance” (“Perseverance”), go to the red planet in the period from 7 July to 5 August 2020 landing on Mars needs to take place on 18 February 2021. Design similar to the Mars Rover “Curiosity”, but it is equipped with a large set of scientific tools, including 23 cameras. The Rover will look in the crater Lake, where in the past the river Delta, evidence of the existence of life forms in the past of Mars, study the Geology and climate, to collect sample images of the soil for subsequent delivery to the Earth and be able to try out technologies that are used in future manned missions to the planet.

Specialists are currently carrying out the final works with the Rover and testing of all its systems at Kennedy Space center NASA in Florida. March 30, 2020 engineers completely replaced the previously installed in it a set of six technological wheels for a set of wheels designed for the mission, and wrapped each one in a protective antistatic film that is then removed before launch. The wheels are made from aluminum and titanium spokes and have a diameter of 52.6 cm each. They are similar to the wheel “Curiosity”, but a bit more and have them and have a different tread pattern.

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