Online Dating was ahead of finding a partner through friends

A significant portion of heterosexual couples in the United States are formed in the course of online Dating, the scientists found. To do this, they analyzed data on more than seven thousand Americans and made a schedule of how to change preferred ways of exploring the end of the Second world war by 2017. Thus, the number of acquaintances through friends started to fall since the mid 1990-ies — at the same time began to grow and the number of online Dating. A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Sociological studies showthat at least since the middle of last century the most common way to meet prospective romantic partner was getting acquainted in the General company: through friends, relatives and acquaintances. A link between two people in reality, greatly simplifies the process of acquaintance and further communication and eliminates the initial awkwardness.

Now, in an era of very rapid technological development, everything changes, and communication, as travelers, go online. However, despite the popularity of apps like Tinder (by 2014, two years after launch, the number of Internet users exceeded 10 million people), it’s still not clear in fact whether online Dating could replace other ways of finding a partner.

To understand this on the example of the US population decided sociologists from Stanford University under the leadership of Michael Rosenfeld (Michael Rosenfeld). For this, they used data collected in the course of the project How Couples Meet and Stay Together in 2009 and 2017: total of the sample for analysis was 4002 participant in the first wave and 3510 of the second. Scientists have focused exclusively on heterosexual couples.

Based on the data collected, scientists were able to construct a timeline of how varied experience romantic partners, since the end of world war II. So, the most popular in the 1940-ies the ways to explore — through the family and at school, and every year became more rare, but the number of acquaintances through friends grew until the mid 1990-ies, then began to decline, apparently, replaced by online Dating, which started to grow at about the same time, from the beginning of the spread of Internet use. Number of singles in the bars and restaurants stayed at the same level from the 1970s to mid-2000s, and then began to grow again, but Dating at work is to fall.

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