Online: ostarbaiter

Online lectures in the framework of the joint project N + 1 and of the award “Educator” is read by scientists, popularizers of science laureates. Lectures on different topics from astronomy to neuroscience.

Lecture by historian Irina Shcherbakova “Sign will not be erased: the fate and memory of the Ostarbeiters” will be held on Friday, may 8, at 18:00. 10-15 minutes before the lecture we will put a link below to be broadcasted in YouTube.

Previous lecture series:

  • “What economists know about pandemics” (Konstantin Sonin)
  • “Insulation: madness in literature and in life” (Alexander Gavrilov)
  • Quarantine dialogues #1 (Maxim krongauz and Alexander Piperski)
  • “The coronavirus without fiction” (Irina Akulenko)
  • “Who on Earth to live well? Man, climate and the coronavirus” (Pavel Konstantinov)
  • “Justinian and the flea. Byzantine VI century pandemic” (Sergey Ivanov)
  • Quarantine dialogues #2 (Maxim krongauz and Alexander Piperski)
  • “The immune system: friend or foe? Lessons Covid-19” (Anna Scherbina)

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