Paleontologists first diagnosed with cancer in dinosaur

The horned dinosaurs Centrosaurus apertus was sick with osteosarcoma. This is the conclusion reached by the team of specialists examining the deformed bone of a specimen of this species, who lived 77-75,5 million years ago. Diagnosis managed with the help of modern methods of analysis and comparison with the bone of a person suffering from the same disease. As noted by the authors in an article for the journal The Lancet Oncology, is the first authentic case of cancer in dinosaurs.

Cancer existed long before the advent of man. It is assumed that they had been suffering from for dinosaurs at least, this is indicated by the damage on some of the remains of these reptiles. For example, one instance of the duck-billed dinosaur of the genus Edmontosaurus was marked by signs of aggressive cancer. However, none of these cases, scientists did not have confidence in the accuracy of diagnosis.

Experts headed by David Evans (David C Evans) from the Royal Tyrrel Museum came to the diagnosis of cancer in dinosaurs more thoroughly. They attracted the attention of fibula horned dinosaur Centrosaurus apertus age 77-75,5 million years ago, discovered in 1989. One end is heavily deformed. It was thought that this trail sausage fracture, however, this anomaly can also be a symptom of osteogenic sarcoma is a malignant tumor, which cells originate from bone tissue. In humans it usually affects the long bones, and the age of the bulk of patients is ten to thirty years.

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