People liked them like fictional villains

People like fictional negative characters like themselves, and similarity with the real villains are unpleasant for humans. The fact that the Association itself, with the character of the book or movie is not a threat to self-esteem and how a person looks in the eyes of others. If the comparison happens in a situation of social vulnerability, the interest in similar villains falling. Scientists came to such conclusions in the analysis of online service CharacTour and a number of psychological studies. Article published in the journal Psychological Science.

We don’t like the comparison with people who have an unpleasant nature and to other negative traits. This may call into question our inner picture of ourselves, and we strive to create an exclusively positive in tone. But comparing themselves with the characters of fictional stories, books and movies safely, as space stories far from reality. So, you can try on the role of bad, evil or weak characters without damage self-esteem.

Rebecca Krause (Krause Rebecca) and Derek Rucker (Derek Rucker) from northwestern University suggested that people are more interesting fictional villains who are similar to them. To test the hypothesis, researchers conducted a number of studies. In the first analyzed company data CharacTour. After filling out the questionnaire this online service shows users a selection of characters popular culture that are similar or dissimilar to them. In the profiles of the characters described their fate and character, they can put rating or likes. Characters were divided into villains (in this category fall the Joker and Darth Vader) and others (them refers, for example, Joe Tribbiani and Iodine). At the time of analysis in the service were nearly four thousand characters and more than 200 thousand users.

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