“Perseverance” will leave on Mars with a commemorative plate in honor of the medics

NASA experts have found on the Rover “Perseverance” (Perseverance) future of the mission “Mars-2020” is a small commemorative plaque in honour of the doctors who are struggling with the pandemic of the novel coronavirus: its going to leave on the Martian surface. The launch of the Rover into space is scheduled for July 20, 2020, reported on the website of the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

The Rover “Perseverance” should become the fifth current Mars Rover. In the framework of NASA “Mars-2020” he will look for signs of the existence of past microbial life forms in the crater Lake, where the river Delta, to study the Geology of Mars and collect samples for subsequent delivery to Earth, and also to study the climate of the planet, will test a method of obtaining oxygen from the atmosphere, necessary for future manned missions to Mars, and launch unmanned aircraft Mars Helicopter.

Now experts from the Kennedy Space center are finishing work on the Rover: he’s already got the parachute system and the RTGs, which provides the Rover with energy, and also the drone, a set of tubes of the samplers. In mid-may, “Perseverance” linked brake system “sky crane” and a heat shield, and at the end of this week, the Rover will be uploaded under the head fairing of the launch vehicle Atlas V 541 — and next week they will be delivered to the launch site.

June 17, 2020, the team announced that in recognition of the efforts of workers worldwide in the pandemic of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 on the left side of the chassis of the Rover installed a commemorative aluminum plate with a size of 8 by 13 inches. Her drawing depicting the Earth, supported by the caduceus is a rod, around which is entwined a snake. In the background we see the trajectory of the camera. The plaque will remain on Mars forever, and will be the first such alien monument.

The launch of the Rover into space is scheduled for July 20, 2020 and will be the U.S. air force base at Cape Canaveral. The start-up period will last until August 5, 2020: if the start and not be able to implement within this timeframe, then it will take at 2022.

In mid-2022 in the framework of the project “Eczemas-2020” on Mars should begin its work , the Rover, named in honor of Rosalind Franklin — the first woman, who took a leadership position in NASA.

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