Physicists have created a photonic version of a topological insulator

German scientists have created a bosonic topological insulator in which there is a fermion symmetry relative to time reversal. The results will allow us to use topological state in Photonics, acoustics, and even quantum mechanics. The work presented in the journal Nature Materials.

In recent years, physicists are actively studying topological effects in physics. For example, photonic topological States can help in the creation of topologically protected quantum computers: they have greater coherence, allowing physicists to better manage them. Photonic topological insulators, in turn, will help physicists in the development of Photonics.

Fermion topological insulators, the electronic system in solids, characterized by the presence of chiral surface currents, whose state is protected by keeping the number of particles and the symmetry relative to time reversal. This leads to the fact that the surface of topological insulators is a good conductor of current, while everything inside is an insulator. However, it is believed that the creation of a boson, including the photon, topological insulators, requires the violation of symmetry relative to time reversal.

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