Physicists have learned to control light with light without crossing the beams

Researchers from Canada and America have learned to control the beam of light with another beam without crossing. They created a gel in which parallel beams interact with each other, changing the characteristics of the surrounding substance, and in future this dependence can be used for calculations. Work published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Modern CPUs are based on semiconductors, which control the electric current. If for calculations to use the light, but not current, this will reduce power consumption and increase speed. However, for the realization of this idea requires the establishment of an effective analog of semiconductors for light rays. Moria Derek (Derek R. Morim) from McMaster University and his colleagues managed to obtain a gel that can be the basis of future optical logic elements.

Typically, the beam of light on its way scatters. But the new molecules of the hydrogel is reversible polimerizuet in the way of the laser. The polymerized gel has a higher refractive power than usual. As a result, the beam starts to be reflected from the walls they created the channel and moves without dissipation, as in the filament of fiber. Such a beam is called samofokusirovka.

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