Production of supersonic passenger aircraft AS2 planned for 2023

The American company Aerion Supersonic has announced its intention to begin mass production of promising AS2 supersonic aircraft in 2023. As writes Flightglobal, at the first stage the volume of production aircraft will be small, but later it will reach 36 aircraft a year. Release the front part of fuselage will be occupied by Spirit Aerosystems.

Supersonic Aerion develops the AS2 passenger plane in 2014. According to preliminary calculations, the length of the plane will be of 51.8 meters height — 6.7 meters, and the wingspan is 18.6 meters. Maximum takeoff weight of supersonic aircraft will amount to 54.8 tons. AS2 will be equipped with three engines, each thrust of which, according to the developers, should be not less than 69 kN.

The plane is designed to carry up to 12 passengers. AS2 will fly over water at a cruising speed of 1.4 — 1.6 Mach, slowing down to 1.2 over land. Some less flight speed over land coupled with the special aerodynamic airframe will allow, as I expect the developers to almost completely avoid the formation of shock waves.

The flight range of the aircraft at the speed of 1.4 Mach number will be 7.8 thousand kilometers and 10 thousand kilometers at the speed of 0.95 Mach number. Current international rules prohibit the flight of supersonic aircraft over populated land areas.

The first flight of the AS2 is also planned for 2023. Its developers intend to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the last flight of the French supersonic passenger plane Concorde. Certification of the aircraft Aerion Supersonic intends to complete before the end of 2025.

Earlier it was reportedthat the U.S. company GE Aviation is going to the end of 2020 to start testing individual elements of the turbojet engine Affinity that you plan to install on advanced supersonic passenger aircraft of the company Aerion AS2 Supersonic. In particular, before the end of the year will begin testing the combustion chamber and the system of emission of exhaust gases.

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