Psychologists have confirmed the existence of bisexual men

Psychologists analyzed the results of several studies of bisexuality in men and confirmed that their sexual orientation is not discrete: there are men in varying degrees excite people of different sex. However, most of the volunteers were more inclined to one of the sexes — it seems that men, which equally excite both men and women, there is a little bit. Article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Some skeptics doubt the existence (or at least prevalence) of bisexuality in men. According to them, monosexual men can say that they are attracted to both men and women, for different reasons. For example, skeptics believe that homosexuals can call themselves bisexual, and to engage in intimate relationships with women because of the social pressure that favors heterosexuality.

In response to doubters sexologist Alfred Kinsey saidthat that people can be divided into two disjoint groups and that sexuality is an extended scale. Scientist have developed a scale of sexual orientation, in which the zero and six — strict hetero – and homosexuality, and three “clean” bisexuality in which the person equally excite both men and women.

The most common method in sexology on the basis of which people have on a Kinsey scale — subjective assessment of their own orientation. Reliable means to experimentally test self-report a bit, but they are. One of the most convenient tools — the strain gauge around the penis, which measures the amount of deformation of the penis and the degree of excitation men. It should be noted that for men sexual desire (arousal) to the men and women consider equivalent to sexual orientation, but for women things are not so simple — in the laboratory they are equally arouse both men and women.

Despite the existence of a reliable physiological method studies the sexuality of men with its use a bit, they were carried out on small samples, and the results were contradictory. Psychologists from the UK and USA under the leadership of Michael Bailey (Michael Bailey) from northwestern University combined the results of previous studies of bisexual men — get a sample of 606 people. In used works tested whether the distribution of volunteers on a Kinsey scale arousal to various stimuli (men or women) according to self-report or the level of erection.

Scientists didn’t just research data, but also applied to him another statistical method. The fact that in previous works the U-shaped curve of the distribution on the Kinsey scale described by the quadratic function can give an incorrect result. Now, researchers checked the U-shape distribution with test Simonson, in which each branch of the curve is described by a separate function.

The ratio of excitation to the men and women of both the subjective and physiological assessment coincided with the Kinsey scale: the difference between arousal to the men and women were correlated with the values of the scale (p < 0.0001), was highest with hetero – and homosexuals (the values of zero and six) and gradually varied between the other groups. However, this analysis does not prove the legitimacy of the distribution of Kinsey, after all, if in fact there were only two groups (heterosexual and homosexual), mixing them in different proportions would give the same results. In other words, the average between the three homosexual and one heterosexual values indistinguishable from that of the four bisexual men, holding the position four on the Kinsey scale.

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