Pushkin, 5G and curfew

In the “Encyclopedia” you will find several types of texts.

The first is a pseudomedical advice, data supposedly “young doctor of then Federation Yuri
Klimov, who works with the Wuhan virus” or “prominent Israeli doctors”.

The second type represents a national or religious prescriptions: the link
a person of authority report that defend against infection or to cure the virus
help ginger, tied to the foot, garlic or a cross on the door caused olive

The third type, very common — alarmist warning that
will happen in the future or have any happening: “Tonight the black helicopters
will disinfect the city from the air, get away from the Windows, not go outside
tell everyone”.

The fourth type — panic “testimony” about events from the first person. Is
note that by themselves, these testimonies have the potential to be
fake, although I can include the exaggeration of certain facts or to be overly emotional
painted. However, often they come off from the author and, while maintaining the structure of the story “from the first
face”, begin to wander on the network, gathering all the great detail.

The fifth type we refer to manufactured goods, that is, forgery of official documents.

Finally, sixth — stories about the etiology of the virus, that is history (as
the rule of conspiracy) about its origin. The rumors may have characteristics of different types
to move from one type to another. Probably the emergence of new types.

Coronavirus spread of tower 5G

Type: mixed, includes stories about the etiology of the virus, alarmist warnings

Telecommunications new 5G standard, which is specially developed agents
effects, suppresses the human immune system, resulting in a weakened body of the victims
more susceptible to infection with coronavirus. The coronavirus can use
radio mobile network for the selection of victims, and accelerated proliferation. Quarantine in different
countries is introduced to ensure that people do not interfere with the installation of new towers

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