Quantum centaurs

What is the Bose-Einstein condensate and how it all condenseries?

Imagine the traffic on the ring road. Someone accelerates, someone is rebuilt, someone slow. The entire mass moves slowly, there are traffic jams. Now imagine the miracle of the ring road, where all cars move with the same speed. No one is catching no one behind. The flow is moving as a single unit. This is the condensate Bose-Einstein, only instead of cars — quantum particles, bosons. They are all in the same quantum state — that is, moving with the same speed, behave like a single large particle.

Condensate Bose-Einstein — the clearest result from the fact that all elementary particles in the world are divided into two classes: fermions and bosons. Fermions do not coexist in the same quantum state, they are “individualists”. But bosons — “collectivists”. At low temperatures they form a Bose condensate: be in the same quantum state and behave the same way as one particle. Its existence was predicted in 1924 by albert Einstein.

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