Questions to the sky

“Tangwani-1” — is part of a large-scale project to study the Solar system, announced by the Chinese authorities in 2017. For interplanetary missions to the moon, Mars, Jupiter and asteroids, and to launch into orbit modules earth orbital station was built the fourth, the South China a spaceport Wenchang, which is located in the Eastern part of Hainan island.

Calendar “Tangwena-1”

July 23 — start the rocket “Changzheng-5” launch Vanchan, Hainan.
5 October 2020 , the first correction of the trajectory.
February 11, 2021 — braking the orbit of an artificial satellite of Mars.
23 APR 2021 — lander separation from the Orbiter, its landing on the planet in 5 hours, the descent of the Rover to the surface.

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