Raytheon came out of the competition for the creation of hypersonic tactical missiles

U.S. company Raytheon announced its withdrawal from the competition of the US Army on the creation of a tactical hypersonic missiles PrSM. As writes Defense News, the reason for this decision was that the company had not met in the allotted military creation time of flight of a prototype munition. After leaving Raytheon, the American company Lockheed Martin was the only member of the program PrSM.

Raytheon was engaged in creation of hypersonic tactical missiles PrSM project from 2017. Her ammunition was called DeepStrike. The programme of development the company has conducted test firing of the engine, a shell blew his fighting part, and defended the project of advanced missiles.

The first flight tests of missiles DeepStrike was scheduled for the end of 2019, however, the developers encountered technical problems in the engine of the ordnance, and the tests were postponed indefinitely. The problem is still not resolved. In Raytheon has said that despite the exit from program PrSM, the company intends to conduct a missile test on 30 April 2020.

The company Lockheed Martin to date has held already two successful flight tests of hypersonic tactical missiles PrSM. In may of this year the missile is planned to test the third time, PrSM is launched at a target at short range.

The new hypersonic missile being developed as the replacement of obsolete munitions tactical complexes ATACMS, which is currently equipped with missiles with cluster warheads. In addition, the military is considering the possibility of using new ammunition for reactive systems of volley fire M270A1 MLRS and M142 HIMARS.

The ATACMS missile complexes are able to fly at about 3 Mach numbers. These munitions are planned to be replaced in the framework of the gradual rejection of cluster munitions. The new missile PrSM will be able to fly at a speed greater than 5 Mach numbers and in the first stage, to hit targets at ranges of up to 499 km. Later the range of the munition increases.

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