Raytheon will create miniature missiles for self-defense fighters

Research laboratory of the U.S. air force announced the results of competition on development of the miniature missiles for self-defense fighters (MSDM, Miniature Self Defense Missile), announced in 2016. As writes DefPost, the winner of the army had selected the American company Raytheon, which will develop, assemble and test some ammunition. The creation of the prototype missiles and conducting its tests military intend to spend 93,4 million dollars.

Participants of the competition for the development of missiles, in addition to Raytheon, was the American company Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Details of the project were not disclosed. It is only known that among the requirements for new ammunition against the military — the ability MSDM aim at the enemy missile and hit her with a direct hit. The length of the new missiles should not exceed one meter.

Under the agreement with the Research laboratory of the U.S. air force, Raytheon will complete development and testing of the munition by October 2023. After this, the military may enter an additional contract for the manufacture and supply of new ammunition to the troops. The us military believe that the MSDM will allow fighters to operate in so-called zones with the restriction or prohibition of maneuvers (A2/AD).

Areas of A2/AD, the U.S. military referred to as, including airspace, which is extremely difficult or impossible operation of modern military aviation. It is not only about countering air defense systems and enemy aircraft, as well as constant satellite surveillance and the conditions under which supply of spare parts and provisions are much more difficult or impossible.

The concept of zones A2/AD also included the lack of American political and financial influence in the region.

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