Residents of New Guinea entered into the Neolithic age thousands of years before the arrival of migrants from Asia

Archaeologists have discovered on the island of New Guinea the Parking lot c of household items typical of the Neolithic (new stone age). The Dating of the objects suggests that native inhabitants of the island came into Neolithic 5050-4200 years ago, a thousand years before the arrival of the carriers of the culture of Lupita. Article published in Science Advances.

Neolithic (new stone age) is one of the periods of development of almost any nation. He suggests that people begin to farm and it becomes the main source of food is hunting and gathering. The advent of metal tools the Neolithic age ends.

To engage in agriculture, often have to stay in one place. The result changes the entire way of life, new items that the nomads don’t usually use. Among them may be jewelry and other things that have no practical value. Appearance pre-existing things changing, too: often, they appear the patterns and other decorative elements. In addition, with the onset of the Neolithic are associated with the appearance of ceramics and fabrics.

Different peoples in different territories new stone age occurred at the same time. It was believed that on the island of New Guinea the Neolithic age began with the advent of there media culture Lupita 3200 years ago. These people, presumably, migrated to Oceania from South-East Asia. The vast majority of information about the new Guinea Neolithic and data of genetics, paleoecology and linguistics, and accurately dated material evidence of the beginning of the stone age on the island almost was not.

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