Road aggression towards cyclists associated with their dehumanization

Australian scientists have shown that people often degumaniziruet cyclists perceive them as inferior beings. In addition, surveys have shown a relationship between the level of dehumanization of cyclists man and his level of aggression towards that group, say the authors of the article in Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour.

When you dehumanize people begin to accept other people belonging to a particular social, ethnic or other group as inferior and not fully non-human. The most frequently and vividly dehumanization is manifested in extreme conditions. For example, it is often the dehumanization of certain peoples in the eyes of society explain the enormity and brutality of genocide. However, dehumanization occurs in everyday life — for example, studies showthat dehumanization can lead to more severe punishment in court.

A group of Australian scientists led by Narelle Haworth (Narelle Haworth) from the Queensland University of technology suggested that the negative attitude, which often faced cyclists, can be caused by their partial dehumanization. Scientists conducted a survey among the volunteers and took 442 response. The volunteers answered the questions of several types (in addition to demographic data about themselves). First, they were asked to rate how much they agree with a particular statement, for example, “it seems to Me that cyclists are mechanical and cold, like robots”. They were also asked to rate the level of development of cyclists on the two scales of a monkey or a cockroach to humans:

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