Robot deliveryman Yandex started to deliver mail in SKOLKOVO

Yandex began to test the robot deliveryman Yandex.Rover on the territory of the SKOLKOVO center, according to a press release received by the editors N+1. It offline delivers packages and documents between offices of the administration center and the local branch of “Mail of”.

Delivery is usually divided into several stages, requiring different approaches, and all of these stages in recent years have started to affect the automation. For example, in the case of an online store in the warehouse of the individual packages or the whole set can move cargo robots, then the parcels usually travel between cargo terminals bulk cargo, which can also be unmanned, and for delivering “last mile”, i.e. directly to the recipient, often used by couriers, but to replace they also come robots.

In recent years, such robots have begun to develop many startups and large companies, and most of them use a similar design: six-wheeled robot height of about two feet with the cargo compartment from the top, moving along the sidewalk. Yandex.Rover, presented in November 2019, was built in the same way, but has a noticeable contrast to the many notable projects of robotic suppliers such as robots the development of Starship Technologies and Amazon. It lies in the fact that in addition to cameras, the robot uses a circular lidar a private development, located in the tower in the rear of the case. This allows to make a reliable map of the surrounding objects regardless of lighting.

Initially, the company started to use more robots in its office in Moscow’s Khamovniki district, where he delivers parcels of employees between buildings, headquarters, and in February added the possibility of a robotic delivery Internet-shop “Take”, but also only for their employees. Now Yandex.Rover first started to deliver parcels to third-party organizations in the Moscow suburb of SKOLKOVO center, where the company also is testing a taxi-service with unmanned vehicles.

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