Russia began research on supersonic passenger aircraft

Research center named after Zhukovsky started the research work on the program of supersonic passenger aircraft. According to the message center, work is being done under contract to the Ministry of industry and trade of, valid until the end of 2021. They are aimed at the elaboration of the concept of supersonic aircraft and the establishment of a scientific and technical reserve. The results of the work of the centre for the programme of the new aircraft will allow us to proceed with schematic design 2022.

According to General Director of the research center Andrey Dutov, the new aircraft have a cruising speed of about two thousand miles per hour; lower the speed to almost negate the advantages of the new aircraft before modern subsonic passenger aircraft. In the course of work, researchers have to solve several problems, including high noise level of supersonic aircraft, sonic boom, increase fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.

Supersonic passenger aircraft is considered as one of the variants of further development of air transport. Active development of supersonic aircraft today are a few startups that plan to launch flights on the new machines since mid 2020-ies. While major aircraft manufacturers predicting production of new aircraft is not allowed. Currently, aviation regulations prohibit supersonic flight over populated land. Read more about the prospects of supersonic civil aviation, read our article “Turn on the afterburners”.

Today’s civil supersonic does not exist. In the 1970-ies was commissioned by the Soviet supersonic airliner Tu-144 and the French Concorde. First in passenger transport was used for just under a year and the second until 2003. Both aircraft were written off in particular because of the high cost of tickets for flights. Today’s existing technology can make a supersonic aircraft with respect to economy, so the transportation is not expensive. The cost of flights will still be higher than modern subsonic passenger aircraft.

In over the past few years there has been a conceptual design of the ship VTS/SPS (supersonic business aircraft/supersonic passenger plane). The program involves the creation of a convertible aircraft, the design of which allows quickly and with minimal costs to change the layout of the cabin. Due to this, depending on the type of flight the plane can be equipped with mixed salons or VIP-class.

The ship will be able to perform transatlantic flights with a cruising speed of not less than 1.9 thousand kilometers per hour. The flying range of supersonic aircraft will amount to 8.6 thousand kilometers. Depending on the type of the established salon SDS/SPS will be able to carry 20 or 80 people. The liner is scheduled to perform elongated with long pointed nose. The engines will be placed in the nacelle on the airframe in the tail section of the aircraft between its two keels. The wing of the aircraft is planned to be done with a V-shaped Central part.

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