Russia was accused of testing weapons in space. Know about it

Charges Space command of the United States is pretty seriously on the background of the previous one: is accused of placing in space anti-satellite weapons, and not just the satellite inspector, who usually just fly near the target and watching her, and trying to eavesdrop on radio signals. According to the command of the satellite “Cosmos-2543” flew up to the second satellite, and released a third object that is brought into the catalogue of space objects by NORAD number 45915.

The us military is not called the second satellite, but astronomers, including Jonathan McDowell (Jonathan McDowell) from the Harvard-Smithsonian center for astrophysics, has long watched the approaches of then vehicles, and I know that this “Space-2535”. According to tracking systems, satellites closer in early July:

July 15 at 10:50 Moscow time from “Space-2543” separated the third object. McDowell analyzed the data and came to the conclusionthat the speed of the object relative to issuing his companion was about from 140 to 186 feet per second that does not seem to loose part or something like that. It is unlikely that the satellites could collide with each other. First, at least “Space-2543” continued to transmit radio signals. Second, the collision probably would not have formed only one chip, besides flying so fast.

At the briefing on July 17, the Deputy assistant of the Ministry of defense Steven Kitay (Stephen Kitay) saidthat in 2017 there was a similar case with then satellites: the two devices closer together and one of them fired a shell or other unmanaged object moving at high speed.

What is known about these moons?

Both participants in the trials of a difficult story. “Space-2543” in December last year, separated from its “parent”, “Space-2542”, and then in winter they together pursued the American spy satellite USA 245. Read more about this story can be read in our blog “Catch-up in orbit”.

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