Russian aircraft engine on a truck will generate in five years

Central Institute of aviation motors behalf of Baranov will complete the development of a full aircraft engine on a truck for four to five years. About it as reports RIA Novosti, said General Director of the Institute Mikhail Gordin. According to him, under full engine refers to the engine, assembled on a serial snap-in, passed all types of tests and received a certificate type.

The development of a new aircraft engine is conducted in the framework of the project “Adaptation” on the base engine for the family car Aurus. The project involves the creation of relatively cheap aircraft motor for small aircraft. A prototype aircraft engine —ADF-500 — developers have created and held its bench testing with the air screw. According to Gordin ground tests showed that in General the car powerplant can be successfully adapted for use in aircraft. Now developers have to determine the economic feasibility of such conversion.

In the framework of the project “Adaptation” of the CIAM’s experts assessed the possibility of using the aviation version of the engine screw twin-engine nine-seater and six-seater single-engine aircraft for regional transportation. The specialists conducted the adaptation of the fuel system, ignition and control systems automotive engine under aviation rules. In addition, in the framework of the tests, the experts received characteristics of the engine in idling conditions and in the takeoff mode. Now it is planned to carry out installation testing in thermal vacuum chamber and on the experimental aircraft.

Family vehicles Aurus was developed by “US” within the project “Cortege” in 2013. This project was originally supposed to provide a car for the President, Cabinet members and their support. Later, it was announced that the family Aurus will include Executive cars, which will arrive in free sale. Family Aurus includes includes four types of cars, built on a single platform: limousine, sedan, crossover and minivan.

The power plant for these machines were developed by US jointly with Porsche Engineering. For vehicles was created four types of engines: petrol V4, V8 and V12 and V6 diesel. These motors also have their own version. Is the most powerful V12 petrol engine with four turbines. This motor is capable of producing power up to 850 horsepower and a torque of 1320 Newton metres. Engine capacity of 6.6 liters.

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