Russian developers have tested unmanned cycloset

The Foundation for advanced studies tested a demonstrator unmanned aerial vehicle, made by the scheme cyclogiro. About it as reports TASS, said the General Director of the Fund Andrey Grigoriev. Tests of the device, which the Fund called cyclonetm, were successful. To conduct a public demonstration of the UAV is planned at the forum “Army 2020” at the end of August.

Cyclogyl is an aircraft, the sides of which are perpendicular to the rotors are installed with a slight tilt planes. These rotors play the role of a wing and propeller in a conventional helicopter. Aircraft scheme was designed cyclogyro in different countries since the beginning of the twentieth century, but none of them take off and could not.

First capable of flight cyclaire was tested in 2007 in South Korea. In 2011 I had the test two cyclogiro in the United States. The spacecraft had a mass of about 800 grams. Both cyclogiro showed good handling.

In General, cyclaire have the same positive qualities as conventional helicopters: vertical takeoff and landing, hovering, the possibility of landing on a small platform. The apparatus is structurally more complex and can cause difficulties in the operation (lateral rotors will make it difficult to make unsafe the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers with the engine running).

For a normal flight cyclogyl should have a system for the blades-wings in cycloidal propeller so that the blades, when rotating, trapped at the top and bottom would create a lifting force. The design of the blades must be strong enough to withstand not only the static load from cyclogiro and its load but also dynamic load, in the first place, twisting and bending.

Theoretically, due to the fact that each of the rotor during rotation of the lifting force created at the same time two blades, the rotors themselves can perform compact. This means that cilagir will occupy less space on the landing area than a comparable take-off weight, the helicopter classical scheme.

Development of then cyclogiro is conducted in 2018. Technical details about the device are not revealed yet. We only know that the unit received four cycloid propeller, which is a kind of analogue drone. The device is equipped with a hybrid propulsion system.

The advantages ciklometa before the helicopters, the Fund advanced development calls the best maneuverability, smaller size and protected propellers.

Project the image of then machine was first published in 2019. It is difficult to clearly identify an aircraft as siclair because it is not clear whether it is equipped with cycloidal propellers or the four cylinder wings.

In the latter case, the apparatus cannot be attributed to cyclegirl because it is used for the flight, not the lifting force produced on the blades-wings, and the Magnus effect. This effect is manifested in the flow around a rotating cylindrical wing airflow.

In the flow from the wing, where the rotation coincides with the direction of flow, the velocity of the medium increases, and on the opposite side decreases. The result is a perpendicular force directed in the direction where the direction of rotation of the wing and air flow direction are the same.

Since the beginning of 1920-ies in the world were developed some variants of aircraft with rotating wings, but none of them was never completed. Was built several pototype of such devices is that during the tests could at a low speed to move on land, but the air was not up.

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