Russian drone “STARLINE” test on the streets of St. Petersburg

The company “NPO “STARLINE” will test self-driving car of its own design on public roads in Saint-Petersburg. To do this, she passed the state certification in FSUE “NAMI”. The trip will take place automatically, but under the supervision of the driver, according to a press release received by the editors of N+1.

Developers of unmanned vehicles by testing them in different ways: in a computer simulation, on the range and on real roads. The first method is the most safe, cheapest in terms of miles and scalable. For example, drones Waymo passing through the virtual streets almost a thousand times greater distance than real. In the simulator it is possible to work out the logic of the drive, but it is almost impossible to efficiently simulate data for lidar and other sensors. A trip to the landfill do not have this drawback, but this is not realistic and unable to reproduce traffic conditions, and a great many possible situations, so the only real test method, without which it is impossible to teach unmanned vehicle to safely travel around the city is a trip to a real city with cars and pedestrians.

“STARLINE” has already tested its self-driving car in some areas completely or almost completely devoid of other cars and people , for example, in SKOLKOVO and closed trials near the Crimean bridge and during a trip from St. Petersburg to Kazan. Now the company has certified your drone at FSUE “NAMI”. With the end of 2018, when was declared the experiment of testing of unmanned vehicles, this Department is responsible for the verification and admission of drones on public roads, and also gathers test data from the developers.

Trials will be held on big city streets. Initially the car will ride mainly on the Big Sampsonievsky and Forest avenues, near which is located the office of the company, then the developers promise to move the testing to the Nevsky prospect. The test conditions the car will drive with the driver watching algorithms. However, in the near future then government may permit to test drones on some roads without a driver-tester in the salon.

Unmanned vehicle “STARLINE” made on the basis of the Skoda Superb. It is equipped with lidar and cameras covering all directions around the car, and the front radar, inertial sensor and GPS receiver supporting RTK corrections. The developers plan to create software and hardware of automated driving for passenger cars, commercial transportation and industrial equipment.

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