Russian hoverbayk crashed on test in Dubai

Then company Hoversurf showed a failed test of its Scorpion in Dubai. Due to the failure of the barometer shortly after takeoff at an altitude of 30 meters the unit began to experience problems with management, and after several manoeuvres declined, then fell and collapsed. The pilot was not injured, the company said. At the time of publication notes on the video channel of the company was unavailable for viewing, but YouTube has a copy of the video, published on the other channels.

Many companies around the world produce electric personal flying vehicles. The majority of such projects are air taxi for flights of one or two people in the city, and their design is distinguished by the fact that it uses a lot of rotors, not just one as in helicopters. In addition, there is a class hoverbike — a more compact apparatus with an open housing in which the pilot sits is the same as on a motorcycle. It is assumed that they can be used for local tasks such as patrols.

One of the most perfect hoverbikes today develops and tests an company Hoversurf. In 2016, she showed the first prototype, and in 2017 already introduced the current production version. It is built on the scheme of electric quadcopter with a pilot sitting in the center. He controls the flight using the two joysticks. In 2018, the company began to put hoverbike Dubai police and train its staff.

In early June Hoversurf showed a video of a failed test flight at the site of the world exhibition Expo-2020, postponed to 2021 because of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus. First flight took place normally: pilot soared to a height of about 30 meters. Then, the unit has ceased to gain height and began to fall sideways first, and then, apparently, the pilot sent him forward, but the maneuver was too abrupt. He managed to turn the camera and again to pause, but immediately after that hoverbayk again began to fall and fell forward first and then backward, with the result that he crashed into the rear shoulders of the asphalt, flipped over and partially collapsed.

In the description of the video company said that the device has failed the barometer, and that was the cause of the accident. Generally the barometric sensor is used drones to determine the height through the pressure. It is possible that the device refused one of the several sensors, so the readings on the different sides began to vary and he ceased to maintain a stable horizontal position. Despite the fact that after the fall hoverbayk rolled over and knocked over the pilot on his back, crushing his weight, the pilot was not injured.

Have hoverbikes there is an alternative in the form of even more compact and fast jetpacks. In 2018, the company JetPack Aviation presented satchel, through which the pilot can accelerate to a speed of 320 kilometers per hour. In 2019, the Frenchman Franky Zapata crossed the jet pack across the English channel, however, with one refueling in the middle. But as in the case of hoverbike, the design of such apparatus does not protect the pilot in the fall and potentially dangerous. At the end of 2019, the pilot of the jetpack for the first time, crashed during the flight.

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