Russian students took fifth place at the International Olympiad in Economics

31 July in St. Petersburg ended the II international Olympiad in Economics (International Economics Olympiad, IEO). The gold medal went to the team from Brazil, silver and bronze participants from China. One of the twon teams took fifth place, according to a press release received by the editors N+1.

The students had to overcome three stages — two individual and team. In the first round in one and a half hours was assessed the financial literacy of participants through the online game. Competitors could buy and sell cryptocurrency, stocks, real estate, loans and other assets. Also they could follow and analyze the news about the current situation on the market, allowing you to make profitable decisions. In the second task, it was necessary to answer questions related to various areas of the economy. In the third stage the teams were decided by a business case submitted by the international consulting company. They had to examine the document describing the operations, goals, challenges and opportunities of the company, and up to offer a business model of the project or to make a convincing argument in favor of his loss.

The firstn team in the end got the fifth place team. All the participants received awards in the individual competition: they got two gold, two silver and one bronze medal. The top awards were given nebol Anastasia from Kaliningrad and Muscovite Semyon Morozov. The secondn team two bronze medals.

The absolute winner in the individual competition the number of points was Andrew Pei (Andrew Pei) from China. He earned 172,5 points out of 200 possible. In second place was the Brazilian Guillermo Cutrim Costa (Guilhermo Cutrim Costa), the third Surveyor Maximilian (Maximillian Surveyor) from New Zealand.

In the competition competed against 29 teams of high school students from 24 countries: Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Ghana, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Spain, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, UAE, Poland, Portugal,, Romania, USA, Uzbekistan, Switzerland and South Korea. International Olympiad in economy on the initiative of the HSE was first held in 2018 in Moscow. In 2020 the event was hosted by the capital of Kazakhstan.

Earlier it became known that representatives of took the sixth place at the International mathematical Olympiad, has received four gold medals and one silver at the International physics Olympiad and International chemistry Olympiad gold medal went to then team.

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