Satellites helped convict the Chinese and North Korean fishermen in illegal fishing

The scientists combined four monitoring technologies and found that in 2017-2018, not less than 900 Chinese ships illegally fishing off the coast of North Korea, and at least 3,000 North Korean boat in the territorial waters of. According to a study published in the journal Science Advances, the annual illegal fishing Chinese fishermen at a volume comparable with the lawful prey of Japan and South Korea combined.

In accordance with the Convention UN law of the sea States have sovereignty on the management of biological resources within its territorial waters. Catch such resources allocate certain quota (including foreign fishermen) to populations of marine organisms could support sufficient for the existence of the number. However, to calculate these indicators and to monitor compliance with the allowable level of fishing effort is difficult because of illegal fishing, it is the main problem of effective environmental management in coastal waters of the Pacific ocean.

Usually illegal fishing in foreign waters out of the so-called dark court (“dark fleets”), which are difficult to detect by satellite imagery. Adds complexity and political factor. In connection with the 2017 testing of ballistic missiles against North Korea were imposed sanctions: UN resolution imposed a ban on the export of local seafood and joint ventures (which previously was actively conducted in partnership with China) now we can not carry out without special permission of the UN security Council. Such measures have led to a surge in illegal fishing, which is particularly difficult to track in the background of the relationship of North and South Korea, China and — they have a number of territorial disputes and are reluctant to share their data monitoring.

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