Scale cat faces showed the effectiveness in real time

Canadian scientists have shown that a reliable determination of the level of pain in cats on a special scale can not only photos, but in real time it is reported in PeerJ. This will allow veterinarians to evaluate the condition of the animals and to give them the right amount of painkillers.

For proper evaluation and quality treatment of the animal it is important to understand whether it feels pain, and if so, how strong. You can tell by the grimaces — the position of the ears, vibrissa and age. The scale of grimaces in pain a long time there for mice, rats, horses, pigs, dogs, and other domestic and laboratory animals. However, a similar scale for cats (Feline Grimace Scale FGS) presented recently — at the end of 2019. Material for it was pictures of animals of different species that are in varying degrees of pain, as well as control images of cats, which didn’t hurt.

To reliably estimate the level of pain cats when carrying out any manipulation, you need to have photos of her in specific moments. In the absence of photos you can cut frames from the video, but it takes a lot of time and make the decision on the introduction of an anesthetic often very quickly. So the creators of the scale cat grimaces in pain, the staff of the University of Montreal led by Marina Evangelista (Evangelista Marina) decided to check how much they will vary the indicators on a scale, if the condition of the animal to assess in real-time and frames of video.

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