Scientists found two new species of saw sharks

The researchers caught in the waters of Zanzibar and Madagascar a few saw sharks, which are attributed to two new types. Call them Pliotrema kajae and Pliotrema annae — the names of the daughter and niece of the first author of the article. These sharks are found in its habitat is very rare and is probably endangered because of capture by fishermen. Detailed description of the new species is available in the journal PLoS One.

Have a shark saw (order Pristiophoriformes) long flat snout, lined with large teeth for it and they got their name. With the snout at them hanging two long whisker, and the teeth are still in your mouth, which is located at the beginning of the belly. The closest relatives of these fish posses the spiny dogfish (Squaliformes) and sea angels (Squatiniformes). Squad Pristiophoriformes consists of two kind: pleiotropy (Pliotrema) and Pianosa (Pristiophorus). At first on one pair of Gill slits more, the jagged teeth of rostrum, and the maxillary teeth have three to six short ridges.

The family will piotrek included only one species Pliotrema warreni. They met in the South-Western part of the Indian ocean and South-East Atlantic at depths from 26 to 500 meters. The length of the largest was found pilotram — 170 centimeters, it is the largest Pianosa shark. Pristiophorus — ground sharks, they are found at depths from zero to 1240 meters. The size of these fish ranged from 62 to 153 centimeters.

Scientists from Germany, South Africa, the UK and Tanzania, led by Simon Vamanam (Simon Weigmann) from Hamburg University have discovered and described several samples of saw sharks that were very different from previously known species. One individual caught in the waters of Zanzibar, two more rostrum caught in Madagascar. Then in Museum collections, the researchers found several similar instances and found that all these specimens belong to two new species of saw sharks.

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